CCTV Survey

We have CCTV equipment which we can use to survey your drainage and supply you with a DVD and full written report. This can identify the cause of any long term persistent problems and blockages in order to carry out any necessary repairs, in the most cost effect and direct manner.

Root Ingress CCTV
This survey can detect a variety of drainage problems, such as cracked, damaged or broken pipes, debris lying in the drainage run or root ingress. If the pipe work is damaged at all, we can then identify the most suitable method of repair, either resin patch drain liners or excavation, and can ensure that no unnecessary works are needed as we will know exactly what the issue is.

The CCTV survey and report can also be used to assist you in any household insurance claims. 

This survey is also extremely useful when purchasing property, as you will be able to identify if there are any underlying problems and obtain quotations to rectify the problem before you purchase.